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As part of TDI's "Evaluate My Idea" service, the Idea Evaluation Panel reviews the submission based upon clearly defined criteria to determine the idea's suitability for development.   TDI's Idea Evaluation Panel is comprised of general business analysts as well as experts in the various technical fields and disciplines associated with product development, including professionals who produce renderings, artwork, drawings, CAD specifications, models, prototypes, sales materials, videos, web sites, 3D imagery, demonstrations, and more.   As our panel reviews your submission, they do so against our product acceptance evaluation criteria which includes, but is not limited to:

* Patent strength that protects against infringement and product knock-offs

* Strong market demand potential where market competitors are few

* Product benefits are clear without need for extensive advertising

* Market standard spread between manufacturing cost and selling price based on product category

* Proto-type and licensing tooling remain reasonable to speed profit capture

* Repeat purchase or add-on purchase attributes

* Etc.

A feedback report provides insights into how your submission aligned to our development suitability standards.  When submissions heavily align to our strict go-to-market criteria, TDI will offer to contract with the inventor to:

Partner – TDI files and/or maintains the patent in the InventorÕs name, funds development, and funds marketing.  In return, the Inventor gets a 50% royalty and a percentage share in other TDI inventor's projects as a stock holding shareholder in TDI.

Manage – TDI fully manages the invention to develop a revenue-generating product.  Our team includes experts in inventions, patents, financing, engineering, marketing and business.

Fund – TDI underwrites 100% of the development costs and gives you TDI common stock for prior monies invested prior to signing with TDI.

Protect – TDI performs all required work to obtain and maintain patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.  all in held in the name of the Inventor.

Develop – TDI does all the work required to develop conceptual drawings, models, prototypes, sales, collateral, etc.

Market/Sell – Based on the product uniqueness, TDI will fund the effort to market, sell, manufacture and distribute solely or in combination with licensing rights to manufacturers/distributors to perform the same.  Our goal is to maximize the products potential in the marketplace. 


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